Developping Seamless Relationships
Position Profile

Before starting the process, we submit a position profile to you. Each profile is adapted to your company's needs and takes into account the specifics of the job market.
Business Proposal

This document reflects our understanding of your specific needs and proposes services to meet your expectations.
Assignment Summary Report

Upon your request, we submit regular summaries of our work progress. These summaries outline information about the various companies and candidates under consideration (including education, age, salary and comments).
Candidate File

This is a comprehensive report of personal information pertaining to the candidates presented to you. It includes the complete career path as well as our consultant's comments. A report is sent for each candidate that you meet.
Evaluation Tools

Upon your request, we conduct personality and performance tests of the candidates, as well as hand-writing analysis.
Reference Checks

Whenever possible, we verify all references.
Trial Period Evaluation

Follow ups are conducted throughout the entire trial period. Before the end of this period, we meet the employee as well as his immediate supervisor in order to carry out a complete evaluation.

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